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Griselda - Cruiser Weight Coke

Griselda - Cruiser Weight Coke

Griselda Records continues to pick up where the respective crew members left off in 2019, revisiting a number of WWCD‘s most memorable standouts through visual treatments. First there was the paint-splattered Hype Williams-directed “Dr. Bird’s” music video complete with animated Pyrex measuring cups, lime green Tesla trucks and a plethora of firearms. Now the Buffalo crew honors their fallen member Chinegun with the a grainy black and white video for “Cruiser Weight Coke.”

The fourth track on WWCD, “Cruiser Weight Coke” gets extended by a few minutes for a documentary-style feel thanks to director Rodney Passé. The frame follows Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, and Westside Gunn to their usual hometown haunts ranging from a strip club to the humble Niagara Cafe. The video intercuts voiceovers from Westside Gunn referencing Chinegun, GFXR’s formula to success, and transitions from archived city-wide news segments to videos of the earliest Griselda media runs showcasing the crew’s tireless journey to reach last year’s pinnacle.

“What would Chinegun do, man? That’s our fallen member of the group,” Westside Gunn says during the “Cruiser Weight Coke” introduction. “And we’re still gonna be doing this and we gotta keep everything in memory of him. It’s just that feel, the grimy feel, that’s exactly how it would sound if he was still here. Buffalo has Chinegun.”

“You know people might have dreams and ideas, and it might not work out like it was ‘pose to. Unfortunately that’s like nine times out of ten, reality,” he continues. “Griselda has a sound, we have a formula you know? We’re not about to change that. What everybody else doing don’t concern me honestly. Let’s not hold onto this, like the world need to hear this now.”

Watch the full “Cruiser Weight Coke” music video above and revisit our Conversations With: Benny The Butcher episode where the Buffalo emcee talked about Griselda, motivating the people around him and more. In more music news, listen to “Sudden Death” by Quelle Chris. (Hypebeast)

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