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Messiah Ramkissoon - Black Fathers

Messiah Ramkissoon - Black Fathers

Messiah Ramkissoon - Black Fathers

"Black Fathers is a tribute and a call to action to black fathers. It is not meant to create silos or alienate from the inclusivity of all fathers, but rather an ode to a demographic that society itself has isolated for centuries; via separation from families during slavery, discrimination in the world of employment, welfare laws to create division and lack of value for their presence in the home, disproportionately imprisoned via unjust crime laws without being privy to the inheritances and resources others find attainable… the list goes on. However, “Black Fathers” does not embrace the victimization mindset but rather the ambitious act of responsibility that, despite whatever a father has experienced, a high quality presence in the life of his child is non-negotiable. It also encourages mothers to embrace this mindset and selflessly come to terms with the deserving child who is worthy and needy of the balance of mother and father. Lastly, "Black Fathers" celebrates the men who have gracefully superseded popular stereotypes and are the exemplars of relentless fathering and are irreplaceable assets to the family structure." - Messiah Ramkissoon.

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