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Gang Starr - Bad Name

Gang Starr - Bad Name

Gang Starr - Bad Name



J COLE: (Rapping) J. Cole, who'd have thought you would have been rhyming with ghosts? Guru flows forever like a diamond. The most could never afford the precious jewels. That's precisely why I'm blessing you with clear-cut messages. I'm destined to invest in urban sections where depression rules. I hope to heal the destitute before I leave this vestibule.

WANG: The problem, to the extent that it even is one, is that it's hard for the album not to sound just a little dated. So many younger acts have aped the Gang Starr formula over the decades that the duo's once-timeless style now feels overly familiar. More importantly, there is the simple reality that Guru isn't here to record new rhymes. If "One Of The Best Yet" feels like a time capsule, that's because, in some unavoidable ways, it is one. (NPR)

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